Anomalia Paris – ENTRE-ACTE – 70 ML

The notes:

Head: Incense, Tuberose, Immortelle.

Heart: Rose, Patchouli.

Base: Powdery and Leathery Accord, Orange Blossom.

185 €
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The mood

The mood of being in the spotlight, all eyes on you, your heart full of combative hope. After all, a dream is nothing more than a goal.

The Scent

A magnificent ultra-contemporary chypre. We stand alone in an empty Opéra Garnier and the smells of the velvet of the heavy curtain and seats, of lacquer, of talc, but also of champagne come to our nose. On the program for Entre-Acte, this eau de parfum is full of harshness: incense and powdery-leather accords, embellished with a slash of rose and tuberose.